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10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!



Ring2 - 10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!

Much like the movie business, the toy business is a fickle one, and things don’t always go as planned. Over the years, many different horror movie toys have been shown off on the internet and at conventions like Toy Fair, never making it past that prototype stage and never finding their way onto our shelves.

There’s truly nothing more depressing than an awesome horror movie toy that was supposed to enter our lives but for whatever reason did not, and today I invite you to get depressed with me as we take a look at 10 of the coolest horror movie toys that we can see but may never actually be able to touch and hold in our own two hands.

If the 10 pictures below ruin your day and leave your toy collection feeling sad and incomplete…

…don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

leather - 10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!

Many companies over the years have put out various different Leatherface action figures, depicting him as he was seen in most of the films in both the original and reboot franchises. And yet, we’ve never gotten a Leatherface toy based on one of my personal favorite installments; the highly underrated and underappreciated Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. Not only do I love the movie, but I also really dig the look of Leatherface in the second sequel, and that rockstar-style chainsaw he wields in it is totally badass. Even sadder than the fact that we’ve never gotten a Chainsaw 3 Leatherface toy is the fact that we came so close to getting our hands on one, with Mezco showing off this awesome figure at the 2010 Toy Fair. Unfortunately, he found himself stuck in the dreaded Toy Fair Hell.

herbertwest - 10 Awesome Horror Movie Toys That Were Never Released!

Can you believe that we’ve never gotten a single Herbert West toy after all these years? Considering West is such an iconic character, it’s actually quite shocking. Back in 2009, Executive Replicas whipped up this 12″ version of West, which was to be sold exclusively by distributor Amok Time and released that same year. It was set to be a limited edition piece with only 1,000 made and a price tag of around $80. First the figure was pushed back to early 2010, and then it fell off the toy radar completely, reportedly due to a lack of interest in the prototype images. Thankfully, Amok Time is currently hard at work on the world’s first ever Herbert West toy, but for now the good doctor remains off of our shelves.

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