Warner Brothers Breaks Wind

Warner Brothers Breaks WindI know, I know... tacky title; but it's Friday, a holiday weekend, and we're kind of giddy. In any event, THR reports that Warner Brothers has another new genre project on its way called The Wind, and you can read on to be blown away!

Commercials director Nic Mathieu will make his directorial debut with the flick that's now being set up at WB.

A-list writer David Koepp, who worked on Men in Black 3, penned the script and is producing the project, which is being developed under the radar at the studio. Plot details are being kept secret, though the story is known to be set in a space colony

Warner typically works with established filmmakers, but Mathieu is a rare exception. He has been wowing execs in the commercials world with spots known for his expert use of CG effects. One of his more recognizable ads was the 2004 Super Bowl spot for Cadillac, titled "Turbulence." Mathieu has been described by Warner insiders as having a strong point of view as a filmmaker. He made an impressive and confident presentation for The Wind, which the studio has decided to develop as a feature.

No other details are available at press time, but stay tuned.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter



All I have to say to Warner is make with the dam FT13th sequal already.

Submitted by JB Demented on Fri, 05/25/2012 - 5:11pm.

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