Check Out Sam Lemberg's Chameleon Short Film

Director Sam Lemberg's new short film Chameleon is a nice piece of work. It's well shot, well acted and draws the viewer into a tense dramatic standoff. And here's the best news…we've got it for you right here!

Chameleon is set in West Virginia, seven months after an alien invasion has changed the way of life as we know it. The film stars James C. Burns (Call of Duty: Black Ops) and Lucy Rayner in a tense back and forth interview to help locate a hidden alien life force threatening to do bad, bad things. The film is based on a story by Colin Harvey which was adapted for the screen by Lemberg.

But no sense in droning on about it! It's just a five-minute investment of time to see this slick sci-fi short. We give you Chameleon.

A hostile race of aliens has invaded Earth and the government fears that the aliens are modifying their DNA to pose as humans. When a military officer abducted months ago mysteriously reappears, his wife is called in to ask him questions only she would know to find out who or what he really is.

Check Out Sam Lemberg's Chameleon Short Film

Check Out Sam Lemberg's Chameleon Short Film

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Terminal's picture

Man this was good! I did not see that ending coming.

Submitted by Terminal on Sun, 04/08/2012 - 3:06am.

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