Teaser Art and Trailer Slash Their Way Online for Rage – Midsummer's Eve

Some new eye candy for Tii Ricks' slasher homage Rage – Midsummer's Eve has made its way online, and we've scooped up the goodies and have them for you right here with a side of chills! Check it out!

From the Press Release
Just a couple of weeks after the New York Times announced Finland and its beautiful capital city Helsinki to be the second best place to visit in 2012 and after the Brits, once again, voted the Finnish Lapland to be their favorite place to visit during the winter holidays, the principals of American film production company La Brea Pictures release the first teaser trailer for Rage – Midsummer's Eve, a suspense horror film shot entirely in Finland and in the Finnish Arctic Circle.

Daughter of an American father and a Finnish mother, Ms. Tii Ricks (30), originally from Brooklyn, New York, filmed Rage – Midsummer's Eve last summer in the authentic locations of Finland to catch the mystical feeling of the Midnight Sun. "I am a huge fan of the horror genre, and my mother was born in Finland. I have never really understood the concept of going to a summer cottage for the summer holidays anywhere – especially in Finland - because to me the Midnight Sun with the night mist over the night fields and the dead silence of the forest, combined with isolated villages, are not a nice and peaceful place to spend the holidays. On the contrary they scare the heck out of me," Ricks says. "To set a kind of traditional American horror film into this environment was a must for me," she continues.

Rage - Midsummer's Eve tells a story about a group of American, English, and Finnish friends living and studying in Finland who decide to spend their last summer as students by traveling to the Finnish Arctic Circle to experience the "White Nights" and the mystical, originally a pagan holiday, Midsummer's Eve. The film is set to have its premiere in 2012.

Teaser Art and Trailer Slash Their Way Online for Rage – Midsummer's Eve

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Source: Rage: Midsummer's Eve on Facebook