The Devil Has Soiled The Cloth

Big red is at it again with yet another poor soul being tortured by him and his demonic henchmen! That's right, kids! Grab your bible and light your candles. A man of The Cloth is on his way with bad intentions.

From writer/director Justin Price comes The Cloth, starring Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Rachele Brooke Smith, Kyler Willett and Steven Brand. Pretty good cast, no? Imagine the fun of seeing Roberts and Trejo tangoing with demons. We are SO there!

Check out the twisted one-sheet below, and look for distro news soon!

The Cloth is an action-horror story centered on a secret organization formed by the Catholic Church to counteract the rising cases of demonic possessions across the country. The story follows a young godless man who is being recruited into the cloth.

The Devil Has Soiled The Cloth

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Source: The Cloth on Facebook