Brutal Fight Scene from The Raid

Making its UK premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival courtesy of Film4 FrightFest is the Indonesian flick The Raid, which is said to be the one of the most violent films of all time. Need some proof? How about a new clip?

THE RAID (UK Premiere)
Director Gareth Evans reunites with his MERANTAU star Iko Uwais for this high-octane skull-smashing adrenaline-pumping cult film of the year. Everyone in Djakarta knows that in the city’s poorest neignbourhood there is a 15-story building that is a refuge for the most dangerous criminals in Indonesia. Despite all the inherent problems involved, an elite SWAT force led by hard-ass cop Rama tries to bring down its defences and penetrate its core. But the operation doesn’t go according to plan, and the team wind up trapped inside the labyrinth tenement block with no discernable way out – surrounded by Asia’s deadliest martial artists, kingpin gangsters, major drug barons, and hardened killers.

100 mins - Director: Gareth Evans - Indonesia 2011
Iko Uwais - Rama
Doni Alamsyah - Andi
Yayan Ruhain – Mad Dog
Ray Sahetapy - Tama
Joe Taslim – Jak

Brutal Fight Scene from The Raid

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Source: IGN