Millennium Horror Flick Features Octomom, Nadya Suleman

As if the real life horrors of the Octomom and her horde of tiny nogoodniks weren't enough, someone has seen fit to put Nadya Suleman and her giant sized uterus in the movies. The wonders never cease, kids!

According to TMZ Nadya Suleman is breaking into Hollywood by taking on the role she was born to play - a woman impregnated by a demon.

Octomom is starring in a low-budget horror film called Millennium in which she and her hallowed vagina play a woman named Vanessa, who visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica. But it turns out Jessica's a demon.

You can't wait, right? Right? *crickets*

Millennium Horror Flick Features Octomom, Nadya Suleman

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Source: TMZ



Ahh stretch-marks... how I love thee!

Submitted by PelusaMG on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 12:57am.
DavidFullam's picture

That is the single most disgusting image ever posted here.

Submitted by DavidFullam on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 9:44pm.

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