Exclusive First Words on The Faces from Director Paul Solet

Exclusive First Words on The Faces from Director Paul SoletWhen word broke last week that Grace director Paul Solet has a new film called The Faces in the works, we knew we had to get in touch with the man himself to get you guys the skinny. We're sick like that, dude. Solet is decidedly secretive about the projects he has in development, but believe us he has been a very busy boy. Industry buzz has placed him collaborating with the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Peter Berg, and Michael Douglas, to name a few, but before we get ahead of ourselves ...

"I've been living and breathing genre movies since I was way too young to be living and breathing genre movies, and I just don't get scared anymore -- and this script scared the shit out of me," says Solet of The Faces. "I care way too much about this stuff to do anything that doesn't absolutely devastate me. I've been writing bigger movies for other filmmakers I admire, which is an absolute thrill for me, but when it comes to directing, I've passed on almost everything, waiting for the perfect project to came along. All I can say is it was worth the wait."

"I cannot even begin to articulate how staggeringly disturbing this movie will be," added Solet. "From Eric's script to the team producing, this is a dream project. Ryder has made so many of my favorite movies, it's ridiculous -- from MEMENTO to DONNIE DARKO to THE PRESTIGE -- and discovered or shaped the careers of some the most exciting filmmakers around, from Christopher Nolan to Rich Kelly to Gore Verbinski, and Sonny and Juliana bring not only a genuine passion for genre films to the team, but an exceptional working understanding of what it takes to make a truly horrifying film so we just couldn't possibly be in better hands. When I met with FilmNation's CEO Glen Basner, I knew this was a company that got it. This guy is the sharpest sales agent in the world, and we're sitting there trading REPULSION references and talking about David Cronenberg. I just couldn't stop grinning. We are going to cause so many nightmares...."

Bring it on!

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