Release Your Bodily Fluids and Succumb to Lucifer's Unholy Desire

And there it is. Our favorite headline of the day. What we have here, folks, is yet another flick looking to take its place at the possession table. Will it deliver the goods? Check out the trailer, and let us know what you think!

Lucifer's Unholy Desire is directed by Cody Knotts and stars Emily Cordes, Andrew Roth, Camera Chatham Bartolotta, Shawn Shelpman, Frank Yuvan Jr., Ray Wade and Cody Knotts.

No word on distro yet, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

A young woman is possessed by a demonic succubus, who causes the death and destruction of the people around her through their deepest and darkest desires. An exorcist is then called in to try to bring an end to the mayhem and save the girl from evil's grasp before the demon can lead everyone around her to hell.

Release Your Bodily Fluids and Succumb to Lucifer's Unholy Desire

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MagusMaleficus's picture

Waste of a good title if ya ask me. It should be about the Devil going on a raping spree in a monastery. Sexy and blasphemous--my kinda movie!

Submitted by MagusMaleficus on Mon, 06/06/2011 - 6:59pm.

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