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Insidious: The Red Door
July 20, 2023
As movie budgets balloon and box office returns decline, Hollywood could learn a lesson from the likes of 'Insidious.'
July 20, 2023
Which 90s music icon inspired Dalton's final boy fashion? Why did he have that rope wrapped around his pants? All…
INSIDIOUS: THE RED DOOR, Joseph Bishara, 2023. © Screen Gems / Courtesy Everett Collection
July 6, 2023
'Insidious: The Red Door' is a fun and simple haunted house attraction worth the price of admission. Read our full…
Insidious: The Red Door Lin Shaye Interview
July 5, 2023
'Insidious: The Red Door' star Lin Shaye sits down with Dread Central to discuss the terrifying final chapter of the…
July 5, 2023
Before 'Insidious: The Red Door' hits theaters, get caught up on everything that's happened in the franchise so far.
Insidious Blumhouse
August 8, 2022
Renai Lambert is coming back in 'Insidious 5,' directed by Patrick Wilson and slated to release next July. Read more…
July 19, 2022
We don't talk about ghosts enough in the genre. Specifically the haunting hotties in the that keep us up at…
Drag Me to Hell - PG-13
April 21, 2022
These PG-13 rated horror films serve to prove that an R-rating doesn’t necessarily make for a better viewing experience.
February 5, 2022
Patrick Wilson has updated fans on the production status of 'Insidious 5', the actor's first foray into directing.
January 6, 2022
Take a peek into The Further and uncover all that's currently known about the forthcoming fifth 'Insidious' movie!
September 24, 2021
Take control of your week with Dread Central's astrological readings — HorrorScopes are available week by week by Kristal Lake!
September 13, 2021
If getting paid $1,300 to watch 13 horror movies sounds like your dream job, FinanceBuzz wants you to apply.