Idris Elba On Hand to Guard the Pacific Rim

Idris Elba, Pacific RimWe've been saying for years now that the genre is in need of some good old fashioned monster movies, and hopefully this weekend's Super 8 will get things started with a mighty roar. In addition, some quick casting news is coming in for the goodness that will be Pacific Rim ...

According to The Wrap Idris Elba (pictured right; Thor, Prom Night, The Unborn, Weeks Later) is the frontrunner for Guillermo del Toro's sci-fi flick Pacific Rim. No official deal is in place yet, but it sounds like Legendary Pictures is keen on having him alongside rising star Charlie Hunnam in a story set in a future in which an alien attack threatens the existence of earth and humans must battle the nasty and brutal creatures by piloting giant robots.

Yeah, now that's what we're talking about! Creatures and giant robots duking it out! Does it get any better? Look for more on this one soon.

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Source: The Wrap