Indie Horror Month: Sean Cain’s Five Favorite Indie Horror Movies

While putting together our Indie Horror Month coverage, we decided to reach out to some of our favorite independent filmmakers working today to hear from them on what some of their favorite independent genre flicks are.

One of the first we spoke with is writer/director/producer Sean Cain. Cain hit the scene in 2006 with his feature film debut Naked Beneath the Water and since then has gone on to direct Silent Night, Zombie Night and the upcoming Breath of Hate (which is currently in post-production) as well as producing other gritty genre flicks including Someone’s Knocking on the Door and Warning!!! Pedophile Released.

Indie Horror Month: Sean Cain’s Five Favorite Indie Horror Movies

Here’s some of Cain’s favorite indie genre flicks:


As a fledgling filmmaker, this zombie opus was a tremendous influence on me…twice. The first time was in 1995, having finished my first film, Naked Beneath the Water, I followed Scooter McCrae’s exploits via Film Threat and Alternative Cinema. It was like watching Stephen King’s The Stand on a budget of fifty cents.

It had an epic story that centered around a very strange heroine (who has a penetration via handgun scene that you won’t soon forget) and was quite successful with the indie horror crowd at the time. I wanted that same success, and although it didn’t come on self-distributed VHS copies, I had a second chance with DVD. When I spied that Shatter Dead was available, it propelled me into dusting off that first film and taking a second chance. I figured if Shatter Dead could do it, so could I. Scooter’s flick should be required viewing for anyone thinking of making their first film.


I used to love to show this VHS tape to friends back in my mid-twenties. While the documentary lets these nutty fringe dwelling musician types ramble on, it’s really all about the sheer shock value. Where else can you get a kick from watching a friend’s response at seeing a grown man stick a banana up his ass and toss it (along with some fecal matter) at his adoring punker audience? Or the time when G.G. gets his birthday wish to eat hot dogs and have a woman piss in his mouth. Sure, he barfs up his wieners, but damn it if he doesn’t go back for another mouthful seconds later. For those who think Ozzy and Gene are edgy...You ain’t seen nothing. This is your father’s Two Girls, One Cup.


Werewolves. Naked women. What else do I need to say? This flick is like watching a Three Stooges movie with fangs. And lots of hair. It basically goes like this – Americans go camping in South America. Boyfriend is killed by a werewolf, and his better half is committed to an institution for the criminally insane. Of course that facility is home to a bunch of hot girls forced to do degrading stuff by the sadist wardens. Oh, and did I mention the girlfriend is going to transform by the next full moon? Only when the wardens find out, they decide they are going to have a sideshow, King Kong style, and put her on display for a bunch of creepy businesspeople. Obviously things will get out of hand. The film has never gotten a proper distributor, and it deserves it. If you can get your hands on a copy, I think you’ll be quite happy.


For those who don’t know, Tommy Pistol is a porn star. In real life. He’s starred in some of those…I guess the kids call them Gornos. Horror porn stuff. I haven’t watched any of them because, frankly, I don’t want to see a full frontal of my male friends. But somehow I doubt any of them are quite as funny and disgusting as this film. It’s about a guy named Tommy Pistol who comes to LA to make it big.

His story is told in a series of 3 or 4 different short films. The first one, Attack of the Staph Spider, I watched by itself. It’s about a director who’s making a porn when one of his leading ladies is bitten by a radioactive spider that eventually infects everyone in a very disgusting manner. When I wasn’t laughing my ass off, I would literally throw up a bit in my mouth. The movie is almost finished, and having seen most of it at this point, I don’t doubt that when it finally comes out, it’s going to make some waves.


I have a soft spot for Jeff Leroy movies. He was also the director of Werewolf in a Women’s Prison, but in this tale of alien giant rats that invade the Earth via an astronaut, there is a certain beauty in watching Jeff’s miniature work as he blows the shit out of Los Angeles. In a way, Jeff is like John Woo. He choreographs a major destruction as a blast of pure cinematic joy. If it’s not giant spiders, then it’s alien invaders or female vigilantes.

Watching a Jeff Leroy movie is like being a kid again in front of the boob tube with "Ultraman" or "Speed Racer" transmitting a lighting bolt to the G-spot of your 12-year-old brain core. The plots are usually silly, the acting for the most part stinks, but none of that matters. Rat Scratch Fever is his best film yet. There is so much wanton destruction and balls to the wall action that even a rat lover is going to root for those little whiskerballs to eat hot lead.

Indie Horror Month: Sean Cain’s Five Favorite Indie Horror Movies

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