Ouija to Be Light on Horror and Heavy on Adventure

OuijaThat makes sense, right? A talking board lets you supposedly contact the dead, thereby letting all manner of angry spirits and possible demonic beings into your lives to wreak havoc. Why shouldn't a story about one be more adventurous and less horrifying? Go, Hollywood!

While doing the press rounds, Tron: Legacy screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz caught up with website Assignment X and let them know exactly what the deal is with Universal's upcoming Ouija.

Will it be scary? "No. It’s INDIANA JONES – that kind of tone. It’s a big adventure movie," Horowitz tells the site. "That’s what we like," says Kitses.

Great. We'll see how this all turns out in a couple of years as Ouija is slated to be in theatres on November 9, 2012.

- Uncle Creepy

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