ZomBCon Invades Seattle This Weekend!

Zombies. I love ‘em. You love ‘em. From the looks of most media, everybody loves ‘em. Long considered the drunken, famished, and wholly unruly guests at the Horror Party, they’re appearing in everything from books, movies, videogames, even commercials and a Halloween-themed Sears web site. This year however, there’s a new venue in town: ZomBCon.

ZomBCon is a “convention of the living dead” happening in Seattle, WA and horror sites and mainstream news outlets are buzzing about it. With a guest list that includes names such as George Romero, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Max Brooks (author WORLD WAR Z), Chuck Palahniuk (FIGHT CLUB), Malcolm McDowell (CLOCKWORK ORANGE), John Amplas (MARTIN, DAY OF THE DEAD), Terry Alexander (DAY OF THE DEAD), The Ladies of THE EVIL DEAD (Theresa Tilly, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Barker), Danny Hicks (EVIL DEAD 2), Timothy Patrick Quill (ARMY OF DARKNESS), Sean “The Butcher” Smithson (writer, Fangoria, Dread Central, Twitch), and myself, it’s fast becoming THE place to be this Halloween.

What sets ZomBCon apart is not only how specific its focus is – the theme is mostly directed at the Zombie Subculture – but also the caliber of people it is attracting (for example, author Chuck Palahniuk doesn’t do a lot of these sorts of things) and the unique schedule of events planned.

Featured at the con will be workshops, autograph sessions, seminars, Q&As, ZOMBIE RESEARCH SOCIETY symposiums, a PROM OF THE LIVING DEAD costume ball, a FILMS THAT ATE OUR BRAINS film series, readings by authors (including me reading from my new book, NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED), a mass wedding ceremony performance by none other than Bruce Campbell, and several red carpet galas.

Of note will also be a screening of FIGHT CLUB with Chuck Palahniuk, a premiere of AMC’s "THE WALKING DEAD", and a very special NIGHT AT THE APOCALYPSE featuring an in depth on stage interview with the Godfather of The Undead, George Romero.

So, make your plans now to crawl from your crypt and shamble your way to the Pacific Northwest this Halloween for ZomBCon. No self respecting walking corpse would be caught anywhere else.

ZomBCon will be held from October 29th through 31st (Halloween).
For more information, visit the official ZomBCon website!

ZomBCon Invades Seattle This Weekend!

ZomBCon Invades Seattle This Weekend!

ZomBCon Invades Seattle This Weekend!

ZomBCon Invades Seattle This Weekend!

- Carnell

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