Official Trailer Debut - IFC's The Horde

The Horde (La horde) is finally available on demand via Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Bright House and Time Warner Cable, and to celebrate the flick's release, we have a brand spanking new trailer just waiting for your blood-hungry eyes to feast upon.

In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a gang of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt cops go on a rampage in a condemned building which serves as the mobsters’ hangout. Now trapped, the officers are about to be executed when the unimaginable occurs: hordes of bloodthirsty, cannibalistic creatures invade the building, savagely attacking everyone. Unexpected alliances are made when their lives are threatened by the unthinkable. Directed by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher.

Check out the trailer below along with several new stills.

The Horde - Official Trailer
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The Horde

The Horde

The Horde

The Horde

The Horde

The Horde

- Uncle Creepy

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Emilie Noetzel's picture

It's dubbed... really? I will have to wait for the DVD then.

Submitted by Emilie Noetzel on Fri, 08/20/2010 - 4:02pm.

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