Lionsgate to Introduce You to Your New Neighbor

What if the girl next door was a complete psychopath hellbent on your imminent demise? Some people may find that sick (yet strangely arousing) while others ... well, others would run screaming for the hills. Lionsgate is betting on the latter.

The Gate announced today that the unrated director's cut of Robert A. Masciantonio's latest thriller, Neighbor, starring America Olivo will be hitting DVD on July 27th. The package will be home to a special effects featurette, a fight scene featurette, behind-the-scenes interviews, outtakes, and ... judging by the artwork below ... lots of curves!

When a mysterious new girl arrives in town, residents of the posh suburban neighborhood realize that she is not so ordinary. Charming and personable, the new girl is also a cold-blooded killer, breaking into homes and torturing and slaughtering anyone inside. A local bachelor quickly finds himself tied up with the newcomer, just in time for her to become friendly with his party guests.

Lionsgate to Introduce You to Your New Neighbor

- Uncle Creepy

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FireRam's picture

Mmmm Hmmm. God Bless America! I'm saluting!!!!!

Here is another pic of lovely A.Olivio(wink):



Submitted by FireRam on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 6:14pm.

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