Calling Set to Haunt Your Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii gamers still hungry for horror after the lackluster Cursed Mountain and the abysmal Ju-on: Haunted House Simulator are getting another crack at true horror with Hudson Entertainment's Calling. The best part? It's out on March 16th. Talk about under the radar.

When tales of "The Black Page" start circling, curiosity gets the best of you. Although "The Black Page" is just an ink black website with an ominous hit counter, rumor has it that if you see "something", you'll die within a matter of time of visiting and will be added to the death count. Some say the site is a hoax, a prank, or a marketing ploy, but others say the site is a bridge to something sinister. But you've seen "something", and now you're trapped in "The Black Page," the in-between of life and death. Can you escape from your fate, or will you become another number on the death toll?

The game definitely exhibits a healthy Ring meets Fatal Frame vibe. Check out the art, watch the trailer, and even dig on a featurette below. For more info visit the official Calling website here.

Calling - Video Game Trailer
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Calling - Featurette
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Calling Set to Haunt Your Nintendo Wii

- Uncle Creepy

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krawlingkhaos's picture

Could be decent, could blow goats for quarters; all I can really think about now is that, with the exception of future entries in the FEAR franchise, its time to put the creepy little girl to rest for a good long while.

Submitted by krawlingkhaos on Tue, 03/02/2010 - 9:14am.

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