Parnormal Activity City Reaction Videos

Were you one of the many viewers who caught a midnight screening of the haunted house phenom known as Paranormal Activity? Then you may just see yourself in one of these eight videos Paramount shared with us today.

Word has it that if Paramount gets over a million DEMAND IT requests, it will finally give the film a proper wide release. So what are you waiting for? MAKE IT HAPPEN! Hit the below image and do your part!

Be sure to visit the official Paranormal Activity website for more. And make sure you are following @TweetYourScream on Twitter and have joined the official Paranormal Activity Facebook fan page!

- By Uncle Creepy

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rupp30's picture

the only trailer i really like is the last one with the actual reactions to the film. those are genuine terror filled faces. I can't wait until this finally gets the wide release it deserves. I've waited too damn long to let this film pass me up on a theatrical viewing.


Submitted by rupp30 on Mon, 10/05/2009 - 11:56pm.

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