Jaime King Busts Her Ass and Blogs from the Set of Mother's Day

Darren Bousman knows all about torturing folks. I mean, come on, after three Saw sequels how could you not become adept at it? His latest casualty? The sultry Jaime King who recently starting blogging about her on-set experiences while making Mother's Day.

From her blog for The LA Times:

"I knew filming this movie was going to be interesting from the start. I just got my appendix taken out 2 1/2 weeks ago and hey, I’m not method, but my character is pretty traumatized after the loss of her child so I thought, “Why not? I will use this pain for my acting because that is what actors do, right?" But, of course I promised I would take it easy and have a stunt double.

Cut to: Last night, exterior, dusk. Beth (my character) runs out of her house, chased by a gun-wielding psychopath, begging her neighbors to help. The neighbors, who are only 20 feet away unloading groceries but don't hear her because (cue the loud tornado sirens) her panicked screams are muffled in the din (think "Lady in a Cage"). Beth gets kicked to the ground, she kicks back, she gets dropped hard on her butt, she gets dragged by one arm and shoved back into the house. Basically, it sucks to be her. So I did the first one myself, then for the hard falls they bring in the stunt double. I see the shot, and like every other paranoid perfectionist actor, decide I am the only one who can do the action the way it really needs to be done.

We do it six times, six angles, six adrenaline-fueled takes during which my body feels nothing.

First I knocked my head, then my knee swelled up, then I popped my wrist out and, lo and behold, after the final shot ... I can’t walk. So they carry me to the hospital, while at the same time everyone tries to get their continuity photos as I wail in pain. (Gotta make sure my hair matched for the next shot!) My awesome producer, Richard Saperstein, stunt coordinator Bobby King, and my best friend, Sara, come with me to the hospital where I am forced to get hopped up on painkillers just to cut the agonizing pain. Turns out, I fractured my tailbone on the third day of filming. Bummer."

Get well soon, Jaime! We need that butt of yours in shape, damn it!

For the entire read click on the image below. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know where on the image you'll all be clicking.

Jaime King Busts Her Ass and Blogs from the Set of Mother's Day

- By Uncle Creepy

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