TIFF 09: Sony Acquires REC 2

Good things are coming out of the Toronto Film Festival in terms of distribution. After a mucho successful screening and amidst some really positive buzz, it seems as if REC 2 (review here) has scored itself some Stateside distribution.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Sony Home Entertainment has officially acquired the rights to distribute REC 2 on DVD. Hopefully we won't have to wait like two years for it like with the original REC, and while they're at it ... would it be too much to ask for a Blu-ray of each? Anyone? Hello?

From the TIFF website
By using the flipped perspective of the camera-equipped troops, Balagueró and Plaza have designed a shocker meticulously calculated to set your nerves on edge. [REC] 2 is Aliens to Alien, a sequel that ramps up the action but does not defile the spirit of its predecessor. Balagueró and Plaza have proved themselves exciting additions to the gory canon of Euro-horror masters, and they can’t wait to drag the Midnight Madness audience into the darkness, screaming at the top of their lungs.

- Uncle Creepy

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AHAHAHA!!!! I love it! After their crappy-ass "remake" Quarantine, Sony finally woke up and smelled the coffee: Why WASTE all that money on a LOUSY remake when the original is inspired and brilliant. The original is better, even with subtitles (Yes Hollywood, some of us actually CAN read). I hope they're still licking their wounds from how abysmal Quarantine did.

Submitted by TheFritz on Thu, 09/17/2009 - 3:18pm.

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