Zombie Apocalypse Stills Shamble Their Way Online

Here at Dread Central there's no greater apocalypse we're interested in than a zombie apocalypse. That's why when word of a new indie film of that name surfaced, we found ourselves looking to unearth some goodies for you guys.

The film, directed by Ryan Thompson, tells the tale of roommates Mark (Michael Empson) and Tom (Michael Harthen), who set out for a night at the bar. The last thing they expected to find was a mysterious machete-wielding stranger (Kenny James) and a horde of the walking dead! With the help of video store clerk and amateur photographer Raven (Kelly Knoll), the unlikely allies band together to survive the beginning...of the end. They're not just pitted against the legions of undead - marauding bands of raiders and a rogue secret agent hot on their heels make every day a battle for survival in Zombie Apocalypse!

Dig on the trailer and stills below. For more on the film, including how to order it on DVD and even get your hands on the official Zombie Apocalypse comic, visit the Zombie Apocalypse website!

Ryan Thompson's Zombie Apocalypse

Ryan Thompson's Zombie Apocalypse

Ryan Thompson's Zombie Apocalypse

Ryan Thompson's Zombie Apocalypse

Ryan Thompson's Zombie Apocalypse

- Uncle Creepy

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Just because you CAN make a zombie movie- doesn't mean you SHOULD make a zombie movie.

I love zombies- but jeebus man... find a new dead horse to beat.

Submitted by justplaindoug on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 7:40pm.
Blockbuster's picture

Well, it definitely sounds cool...

Submitted by Blockbuster on Thu, 07/09/2009 - 12:35am.

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