Make a Wrong Turn onto Blu-ray

In the horror genre inbred hillbilly cannibals have a way of touching our hearts. After they've been pulled beating from our chests, that is. Come September West Virginia's first family of fright and their crazy misdeeds are going to look better than ever as they hit the world of 1080p!

Blu-ray.com announced today that both Wrong Turn and Joe Lynch's Wrong Turn 2: Dead End will be hitting high definition on September 15th, a likely tie-in with the release of Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead!

Oh, the joys of seeing every gory detail! No special features have been announced, but you can expect a 1080p AVC video presentation accompanied by a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. YAY! Keep it here for more.

Make a Wrong Turn onto Blu-ray

- Uncle Creepy

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Didn't See It Coming's picture

Loved the first one, was "meh" on the second. Hopefully the 3rd will be good.

Submitted by Didn't See It Coming on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 5:52pm.

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