FearWerx Presents War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One

FearWerx LogoIf your house is anything like ours, you're always on the looking for a cool looking new collectible to add to the collection. And if it's a zombie, then all the better! Today FearWerx announced a fellow you're sure to want to bring home: War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One.

From the press release:

The figure is being built by President and Creative Director Joe Sena, along with his partner on the EMCE Toys brand Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke. It is, like all the figures produced by EMCE, an 8” articulated plastic figure with a cloth costume, developed in the style of the classic '70s figures manufactured by the MEGO Corporation.

But this one is a little different. “After doing all the MEGO revival stuff with Paul the last few years, I was itching to do something really different,” said Sena. “The Star Trek and Apes guys were spiffy and clean, and even our Night of the Living Dead figures were super-neat. I wanted a really gory but generic zombie figure, the kind that hasn’t been made yet, to fit this format.

Unlike the soft vinyl rotocast heads typical of all other MEGO or EMCE figures, this one will feature a solid resin head. “We’re giving it the sub-brand ‘Hardhedz’," said Sena, “and if this works, we’ll do more limited editions like this, basically custom figures produced in larger quantities.” However many are made of each figure is dependent on Sena’s time, as he is designing, sculpting, painting and assembling each figure himself. Progress can be followed on FearWerx’s production blog.

The name of the figure, “War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One”, was spawned from the mythos of the Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit that launched the FearWerx brand back in 2006, and sold over 25,000 copies, and the episodic shorts released in 2007. “There were seven ‘classes’ of zombie in a series of identification cards in the kit, each classified according to increasing stages of decomposition,” said Sena. “Although, this guy is turning out to be a little more messed up than we planned, so we may reclassify him as a Type Two.

Figures will be available at the FearWerx booth at the MonsterMania convention in Hartford, Connecticut. “We’re happy to be doing this at MonsterMania’s first Connecticut show,” said Scott Lefebvre, FearWerx Brand Manager. “We premiered our first booth at the Cherry Hill MonsterMania, and they’ve become our flagship show. Offering this exclusive at the first New England event is just our way of giving back.

Along with the opportunity to pick up a Zombie Type One for yourself, the event boasts an impressive roster of horror stars such as Bruce Campbell and Robert Englund. It takes place Friday, June 12, through Sunday, June 14, at the Crowne Plaza in Hartford/Cromwell, Connecticut.

Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One (click for larger image)

Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One (click for larger image)

- Debi Moore

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