The Church of Freddy Krueger!

Freddy Krueger fans know what a huge role the church has played is his fictitious exploits, so it's only natural that Platinum Dunes find a suitably scary locale for his house of the unholy for the remake - Gary, Indiana's City Methodist Church!

According to a story in The Times Online director Samuel Bayer and company will be filming a handful of scenes at this historic Gary landmark for his scheduled 2010 redux of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

Gotta say, the location is pretty bitchin'! Click the picture below for a few stills of it and also check out the included gospel music video (I know, just turn down the sound and go to your happy place) for a look inside!

The Church of Freddy Krueger!

- Uncle Creepy

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Dr Malachi Constant's picture

I'm still laughing at that video. That shit is great.

Submitted by Dr Malachi Constant on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 2:45pm.

I just hope they bring their bullet proof vests if they're going to be shooting in Gary!

Submitted by Elf on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 12:55am.
Gory's picture

It's a cool location. I shot there for my film last summer. I also shot in an old post office that is about two blocks away from there.

Submitted by Gory on Fri, 05/22/2009 - 9:33pm.

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