UPDATE: New Drag Me to Hell Clips

It's indisputable how quickly Twitter has changed the face of journalism. News outlets, studios, etc., can now relay information in a matter of seconds to thousands upon thousands of people. Which is exactly what Universal Pictures has just done via its most recent "tweet" that an exclusive new Drag Me to Hell clip is available.

Dig on the clip, which comes courtesy of AOL/Moviefone, by clicking the image below and scrolling down a bit. Look for Drag Me to Hell in theatres on May 29th.

A second clip has surfaced at Yahoo! Movies! Go dig it!

Drag Me to Hell Clip

- Debi Moore

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Terminal's picture

So far the buzz is positive so I'll definitely be watching it.

Submitted by Terminal on Thu, 05/14/2009 - 8:32pm.

The rating for this movie has NEVER entered my mind. If it looks good, who gives a shit about the rating?

Submitted by ANTiSocial on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 10:35pm.
moderator Amen!
Steve Barton's picture


Submitted by Steve Barton on Thu, 05/14/2009 - 9:10pm.
Sirand's picture

Everyone skipping out on this because of the rating is going to seriously regret it.

Submitted by Sirand on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 10:09pm.
unclebob's picture

No doubt, it's going to be a fun ride, but I still so wish that it wasn't PG-13.

Submitted by unclebob on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 7:11pm.

Dude I feel the same way but in all good honesty I refuse to see because of it being PG-13.....

Submitted by Kane86 (not verified) on Wed, 05/13/2009 - 8:59pm.

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