Win a Collectible Forry Tribute Postcard

Hey Acker-monsters! We have got your chance to get your hands on something truly special this week. Something that is guaranteed to be near impossible to find in the near future!

Dread Central, in association with Joe Moe, who wrote us the best bit of coverage on The Forrest J Ackerman Tribute to be found ANYWHERE on the Net, is giving away four (4) of the Tribute Invite Postcards sent out to the friends and industry folk who gathered to pay the man the respect he deserves! Dig it below!

Win a Collectible Forry Tribute Postcard

Contest ended. Answers below in bold.

The Acker-Quiz

Forry was awarded:
a) The 1st Hugo Award (World Science Fiction Con)
b) The 1st Grimmy Award (Horror Hall of Fame)
c) The 1st 4E Award (Monster Bash Con)
d) The 1st Anne Radcliffe Award (Count Dracula Society)
e) All of the above

Of the 300,000 items in his collection, which was Forry’s favorite?
a) Lon Chaney’s Beaver Hat from the lost film London After Midnight
b) The Metropolis Robotrix
c) Willis O’Brien’s King Kong dinosaurs
d) Lugosi’s Dracula Crest ring
e) A Poster of Madonna

Which was NOT one of Forry’s pseudonyms?
a) Weaver Wright
b) Laura Jean Ermayne
c) Spencer Strong
d) Lanford Childress
e) Karlon Torgosi

Who read Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine?
a) Sammy Davis Jr.
b) John Ritter
c) Caroline Kennedy
d) None of the above
e) All of the above

What did the “J” in Forrest J Ackerman stand for?
a) James
b) Jerome
c) Joseph
d) Johann
e) Julian

Which was Forry’s fave?
a) Horror
b) Science Fiction
c) Fantasy
d) Stamp Collecting
e) Golf

Complete the following Forry-statement: “In 1926 this issue of Amazing Stories magazine jumped off the newsstand, grabbed hold of me and said ...”
a) “Pay for me brat, this ain’t a library!!”
b) “Take me home little boy, you will love me!”
c) “News-flash kid, magazines can’t talk.”
d) “Page 12! Page 12! A naked lady!”
e) “I will rot your little mind…”


- Uncle Creepy

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