Halloween 2: The Chainsaw Reunion

Moseley and Williams to reunite in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2More casting news is in for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 and this tidbit of information? I think this is kind of cool. Prepare for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 reunion of sorts as both Bill Moseley and Carolyn Williams have just been cast.

The news came today via Zombie's MySpace page that Moseley will be playing "Uncle Seymour Coffins, a local Haddonfield horror host.", and that Williams is set to appear as "Dr. Maple the head doc at Haddonfield General." Nifty! If only he could find a way for the two to share some screen time. If only to deliver the incoming mail!

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 is slated to be in theatres August 28th, 2009. Keep it here for more.

- Uncle Creepy

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Gus Bjork's picture

It sounds to me like Rob Zombie's therapist needs to have a few sessions focused on this incredible insecurity problem of his. Like maybe he doesn't have to offer to cast convention or celebrity party friends of his to be in his movies to make himself popular. Like maybe writing a script to accomodate cronies in the end hurts his self respect. I've never met Rob Zombie but I'm so betting he suffers from short man syndrome.

Submitted by Gus Bjork on Fri, 02/13/2009 - 1:52pm.

They need to get Lou Perryman in there too building a fry house or something.

Submitted by The Butcher on Fri, 02/13/2009 - 12:06pm.
hellbilly_drp's picture

Bill Mosely as a horror host? I like that. AMC should do that for a late night weekend Horror show, but all the way, with character and all. The Rob Zombie thing last Halloween was ok, but it was just RZ as himself introducing movies.

Back to H2. You almost sound positive about this casting news. Could it be you think this flick has a chance? I'm not a hater of the first installment myself. I'm kinda old and I consider the Carpenter original THE Halloween. Zombie's version was what it was and as such I can't take issue. I'd rather have seen him pick up w/ Halloween 3, just after Loomis blew the hospital and before the series got all whacked out.

Submitted by hellbilly_drp on Fri, 02/13/2009 - 10:15am.

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