DVD and Blu-Ray Releases: February 22nd – Psyched for 9 Birdemic Ninjas

While there aren’t any horror releases by major studios this week, there is, however, one notable film that should make up for the drought we are having. It is a film that should be re-subtitled “Shock and Awe” as that was how our @Foywonder felt after viewing Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

Anyway, this avian midnight movie sensation is directed by James Nguyen and stars Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Janae Caster, Colton Osborne, and Adam Sessa plus five seconds of stock footage of Tippi Hedren from a previous film.

This week also brings us Psych: 9 from Ghost House Underground. This film is directed by Andrew Shortell and produced by Gareth Jones; it stars Sara Foster, Cary Elwes, Michael Biehn, and Gabriel Man. Rounding out the list are a wacky concept that has warrior creatures battling it out for our amusement and a fusion ghost story.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror on DVDBirdemic: Shock and Terror (REVIEW)
Directed by James Nguyen
Starring Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Janae Caster, Colton Osborne, Adam Sessa.

It is a tender love story. A graphic horror shocker. An urgent ecological warning. And around the world, it became the must-see midnight movie sensation of the year: From writer/producer/director/visionary James Nguyen, The Master of the Romantic Thriller™, comes the story of a sexy lingerie model (Whitney Moore) and a successful software salesman (Alan Bagh) on a weekend getaway to a quaint Northern California town. But when the entire region is attacked by millions of homicidal birds, their picturesque paradise becomes a winged hell on earth. Can mankind now survive the avian onslaught of BIRDEMIC? Hollywood legend Tippi Hedren of Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS co-stars in the global cult movie phenomenon that Videogum says might end up being the greatest film of all time!

Buy the Blu-ray or the regular DVD.

Psych:9 on DVDPsych:9 (Blu-ray REVIEW)
Directed by Andrew Shortell
Starring Cary Elwes, Michael Biehn, Gabriel Mann, Sara Foster

A young woman (Sara Foster) with a troubled past takes a job at recently closed-down hospital. Working the night shift alone she begins to experience a series of unsettling events that lead her to believe that the hospital may be connected to a number of recent murders in the area. To uncover the truth, she will have to revisit the past behind the walls of PSYCH:9. Make sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video.

Buy the Blu-ray or the regular DVD.

Alien vs. Ninja on DVDAlien vs. Ninja (UK DVD REVIEW)
Directed by Seiji Chiba
Starring Mika Hijii, Ben Hiura, Shžji Kashiwabara

Once upon a time in Japan, there was a band of great Ninja warriors led by Yamata called Iga Ninja. One day they witness a flash in the sky, and a roaring giant ball of fire crashes into the distant forest. The warriors rush into the deep woods in an attempt to identify the mysterious fireball. There, instead of finding predictable enemies, they are stunned to face never-seen-before creatures with claws and fangs, the aliens! The hungry brutal aliens start to savage and feast on the Ninja warriors, leaving only a few to survive. Yamata and his warriors swear to avenge their comrades’ deaths and risk their lives to challenge the aliens. However, none of the Ninja weapons, neither their swords nor their throwing stars, has any affect on the alien warriors. Now Japan’s greatest Iga Ninja face the biggest challenge ever!

Buy the Blu-ray or the regular DVD.

Ghost Month on DVDGhost Month (REVIEW)
Directed by Danny Draven
Starring Marina Resa, Shirley To, Akiko Shima, Rick Irvin

In a bid to escape her nutso ex-boyfriend, Jacob, Alyssa (Marina Resa) takes a housekeeping gig at a remote Southwestern home. But her retreat coincides with the Chinese calendar’s seventh month, when dead souls allegedly raise hell among the mortal world. Skeptical Alyssa isn’t convinced by the warnings of her Chinese employers (Shirley To and Akiko Shima) until she starts having nightmarish visions in this creepy horror extravaganza.

Buy the Blu-ray or the regular DVD.

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