Trailer Debut: Trick of the Witch

About two months ago we brought you a handful of stills from the upcoming indie spooker Trick of the Witch, and as if by some nefarious spell, today we have the trailer for you!

With the stunning success of recent micro-budget films like Paranormal Activity, Chris Morrissey plans to launch Trick of the Witch with a grassroots release in Los Angeles and New York later this year. “We are making a very fun, scary film with so many talented people involved. We don’t want this film to go straight to DVD and get lost in the shuffle. It is meant for the big screen. If major distributors don’t jump on this project at the start, then we will do whatever we can to self-distribute and build word of mouth. If I have to travel from city to city each week showing the film, then I will. Times have changed for indie filmmakers, and there are so many ways to build an audience these days that it would be silly to not go for it.”

Trick of the Witch stars indie film starlet Share Cherrie (Lipgloss Explosion!) and centers on a group of fashion models stranded at a secluded mansion while fighting an evil witchcraft curse. The film is inspired by Italian witchcraft Stregheria and was shot all over Los Angeles earlier this year. Actress Shay Alexis makes her feature film debut and co-stars along with Owen Alabado (the gay indie hit Rock Haven), Suzy Cote (television’s “CSI” and “The Guardian”), and cult Australian personality Renae Boult (aka Abigail De’Ath and star of The Cloth Dagger).

Trick of the Witch will have its Los Angeles theatrical premiere in November followed by a New York run in February 2011. Other cities will follow in March and April.

The film marks Chris Morrissey’s fourth feature film. A couple of his earlier projects, the sci-fi B-movie spoof Lipgloss Explosion! and the cult midnight movie Superstar Female Serial Killer, will have special one-off theatrical midnight screenings alongside showings of Trick of the Witch during its L.A. run.

Dig on the goods below, and keep your eyes on the official Trick of the Witch website for more.

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Trailer Debut: Trick of the Witch

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  • Cinemascribe

    Mixed feelings on this one. Being in the indie film community myself, I know first hand how much time and energy goes into making your vision come to life Morrisey is to commended for getting the film finished at all. It’s hard and it takes real commitment and determination.

    That said, this looks like a misfire. A low budget is no excuse. I’ve worked on a number of short films that had no budget at all and used local unknowns (who worked sans paycheck in order to have experience and something for their video resume) which had better acting and production values than what I’m seeing here. Not one moment in this trailer appealed to me. The little pale scurrying kid-creature seems to be lifted from the Grudge and I’d swear that the one guy was spewing shaving cream into a sink. This has the feel of one of those piss poor Shock-O-Rama DTV flicks that Fangoria usually pimps. I hope I’m wrong, because I’d hate to see an underground indie man crash and burn.
    “I’m saying that I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man…and loved it. But now the dream is over..and the insect is awake.” – Seth Brundle