Post Thumb:/mar13/scary-movie-5-posters.jpgIn Hollywood nothing is over until it's over, and that's apparently very true for Scary Movie 5, which went before cameras once more as a means to get in a quick Evil Dead gag. You mad, bro? LOLZ. Malcolm Lee

Source Name:BossipSource Url:http://bossip.com/749539/bossip-exclusive-first-look-at-scary-movie-v-photos/Post Thumb:/mar13/scary-movie-5-posters.jpgTo this very day it puzzles me that we don't have a Halloween 3 or a My Bloody Valentine 2; yet, Scary Movie 5 is riding high with Dimension. The series hasn't even been almost funny since

Source Name:New York PostSource Url:http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/lindsay_scaring_producers_iH8bA11OlcS7JtMHXIO4WNPost Thumb:/jun12/sm5.jpgYou know those days when you're waking up early and the last thing you want to do is go to either school or work? We all have them. Hell, some of us have them every