Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Want to Star in Weinstein’s Scary Movie 5


The entertainment news world has been in a flurry with the recent sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, former co-chairman of The Weinstein Company, the ardent production powerhouse whose founders, Harvey and his brother, Bob, brought us the likes of Pulp Fiction, Se7en, Scream, and the Scary Movie franchise.

The groundbreaking revelations have caused a cataclysmic reaction from a plethora of Hollywood’s elite, but few have been as vocal as Scream alumna/social activist/all-around badass Rose McGowan, who sued Harvey Weinstein after an incident that was initiated at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

McGowan has taken to Twitter to post two anonymously sent email exchanges between her Machete co-star Lindsay Lohan and Lohan’s representatives that refer to the social misconduct of the relatively quieter Bob Weinstein. The emails reveal that Lohan, who recently voiced her controversial sympathy for Bob’s brother, Harvey, did not want to meet with Weinstein regarding a role in Scary Movie 5 opposite Charlie Sheen, a role she must’ve felt compelled to take on despite her apprehension.

In response to her agent relaying the message to meet Bob Weinstein for a meeting, Lohan replied:

“I am sorry, but I refuse to meet Bob Weinstein due to his recent actions, verbal & aggressive behavior @ the Grammercy Hotel. As we all know, I have NEVER, EVER wanted to do this picture. I have also, NEVER done anything in my life, personally and professionally for the money. I am doing my best to be respectful and make one thing clear, which is that I REFUSE to start selling myself out now. I am FAR TOO TALENTED, SMART, LOVING, AWARE, CHARISMATIC, AND SOMEWHAT PRETTY to be walked all over.”

“NO on this movie. NO on me being called names. NO on me being over looked. NO on ANY of your clients taking any scripts that I can and will always perform better. And. NO MORE EXCUSES. I AM SICK OF IT.”

“NO more texting me at 4am from 1oak in NYC unless you can handle Bob Weinstein yourself. As well as Charlie Sheen.” 

The tweets provide a sad look at the politics of Hollywood, as well an interesting insight into Lohan’s perspective of herself, an actress who is only too often negated and criticized (seriously, I Know Who Killed Me was not THAT bad). In response to the public’s damnation of Lohan and her Weinstein support, McGowan later posted, “Please go easy on Lindsay Lohan. Being a child actor turned sex symbol twists the brain in ways you can’t comprehend.”



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