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January 17, 2024
‘No Way Up’ already sounds like it might be the most stressful survival thriller of the year and the trailer looks terrifying.
Creatures From the Abyss monster movies
March 14, 2023
From ‘Alligator’ to ‘Winterbeast’, any creature feature lovers need to check out these five underrated monster movies ASAP.
she creature aquatic horror
March 3, 2023
In honor of ‘The Lake’, check out our list of five underrated aquatic horror movies that you need to watch right now.
shark horror
August 2, 2022
From ‘Jaws 2’ to ‘Sharknado 2’, these are the best shark movie sequels out there. Read the full list on Dread Central.
January 19, 2022
Iron Lung features a rusty bucket of bolts and a mysterious ocean of blood that may be humanity’s last hope. Delightful. Nothing bad lives in the ocean.