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Horror Couples Dracula
October 23, 2023

I love a bit of romance in my horror. Call me a hopeless romantic, but something about a couple in

Stephen King
October 20, 2023

From his scariest short story to an essential non-fiction study in horror history, here are 10 Stephen King works I

Night Flier Stephen King
October 19, 2023

For every beloved and highly-regarded Stephen King adaptation, there are countless others that genre fans seem less keen on discussing.

PET SEMATARY, Stephen King, director Mary Lambert, 1989, © Paramount / Courtesy: Everett Collection
October 12, 2023

From 'Pet Sematary' to 'Carrie,' these eight Stephen King adaptations directed by women are not to be missed.

God Is A Bullet Jamie Foxx
June 15, 2023

From director Nick Cassavetes comes the ultra-violent God Is A Bullet, a tale of revenge against a cult that has

Becky kids in horror
June 2, 2023

Horror is known for delivering the creepiest kids imaginable. Whether their dead eyes are locked on your every move or

artificial intelligence
April 28, 2023

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic now more than ever. While some sing its praises and what it means for

Bodies Bodies Bodies party
April 11, 2023

Nobody loves a good party like a character in a horror movie. A giant house in the middle of nowhere

mothers in horror
February 16, 2023

Horror loves a mother. Just look at the internet’s obsession with Annie Graham in Hereditary. By no means is she