Mist, The (Blu-ray)

mistblu - Mist, The (Blu-ray)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Thomas Jane, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, Laurie Holden, Marcia Gay Harden

Directed by Frank Darabont

Distributed by Dimension / Genius Products, LLC.

On my 2007 best of list The Mist was my pick for horror film of the year, and you know what? I haven’t seen anything else in 2008 that has topped it and probably won’t. To me this experience is near flawless. Even the much maligned by King purists ending was spot-on in my eyes. Simply put, this film is a treasure. Something that should be owned, appreciated, and considered required viewing for every horror fan out there, both young and old. Now, thanks to the advent of Blu-ray, we can experience The Mist in all of its high definition goodness! Yay technology!

For those unfamiliar with the story (and shame on you if you are) the plot is simple: A group of townsfolk are trapped inside a supermarket by a deadly anomaly — an other-worldly mist. But this isn’t your ordinary pea soup-like fog. Not by a long shot. Within this mist lies a bevy of creatures. Ones that are as small as spiders and as big as skyscrapers. The worse news? These things are not only unfriendly, but they see us as a food source. Where did they come from? Are they the product of experiments gone awry or maybe they’ve been sent by the creator to usher in our judgment day?

It’s not long before our group comes up with all manner of explanations for this occurrence. It’s also not long before everyone starts to lose their shit. The Mist asks a truly thought-provoking question — is the true menace outside trying to get in, or is it inside waiting to come out? One thing’s for certain; monsters come in all shapes and sizes, and this flick has more than its fair share.

mistblu1 - Mist, The (Blu-ray)I could sit here and gush for hours. The combination of Darabont and King is a winning formula. These cats get what they’re doing and revel in it. Sprinkle in stand-out performances from just about every single cast member and some of the craziest looking fiends you’re ever likely to see in a movie, and there you have it, kids — instant classic!

So what about this release? Are there any Blu-ray exclusive features? Sadly, no. Anyone familiar with the two-disc special edition DVD of The Mist (review here) will know exactly what they’re getting: two versions of the movie (one in startlingly glorious black and white) and just about every conceivable special feature (all presented here in HD) that you can imagine. The only real difference other than the picture quality and sound is the inclusion of Drew Struzan’s original artwork for the cover.

Let me say this … if you have access to a Blu-ray player and already own the original DVD, do not hesitate to upgrade. Watching this movie in full 1080p is jaw-dropping. Yet, I still have to give the edge in terms of depth and clarity to the black and white version. Compare them for yourselves, and you’ll see what I mean. Plus, the loss of hues gives the flick even more of that Fifties monster movie flavor that’s so very beloved amongst the fan base.

Then there’s the sound mix — what Dimension calls Dolby TrueHD 5.1. While the 5.1 audio track found on the DVD was good, it has nothing on the immersive 3-D feeling mix found here. Crank up the volume, baby. You won’t believe your ears.

Bottom line? If you have the tech, this is the version of The Mist to own. It’s the perfect edition of a movie that was already near perfect on many levels. Even as I write this, I can’t wait to watch it again. In fact … See ya later!

Special Features

  • Audio commentary by writer/director Frank Darabont
  • Eight deleted scenes with optional commentary
  • Black and white version of the film
  • Behind-the-scenes webisodes
  • A Conversation with Stephen King and writer/director Frank Darabont featurette
  • When Darkness Came: The Making-of The Mist featurette
  • Taming the Beast: Shooting Scene 35 featurette
  • Monsters Among Us: A Look at the Creature F/X featurette
  • The Horror of It All: The Visual F/X of The Mist featurette
  • Drew Struzan: Appreciation of an Artist featurette
  • Film:
    mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)

    5 out of 5

    Special Features:
    mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)mobF - Mist, The (Blu-ray)

    5 out of 5

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