True Blood Drinks & Bites (Cookbook)

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trueblooddrinksandbites s - True Blood Drinks & Bites (Cookbook)Written by Gianna Sobol, Alan Bell and Benjamin Hayes

Recipes by Dawn Yanagihara

Recipe Photographs by Alex Farnum

Published by HBO and Chronicle Books

Nothing goes better with a good show than a tasty meal, and this is where the True Blood Drinks & Bites > cookbook comes in. HBO’s “True Blood” brings in millions of fans from a wide range of backgrounds with the show’s bar and restaurant hang-outs Fangtasia and Merlotte’s Bar and Grill being crucial parts of the show. It is no surprise that fans are having their own home parties with food and drinks from the series, and in Drinks & Bites they can explore an array of recipes from some of their favorite scenes from the show with each section introduced by one of the characters of “True Blood.”

The popularity of themed cookbooks is on the rise, among both foodies and collectors alike. Parts of “True Blood” are filmed in Louisiana in a fictional town called Bon Temps–so of course the show revolves around some of the state’s finest cuisines as characters are often chatting over bowls of jambalaya or a large helping of gumbo.

The cookbook features recipes that are complemented by beautiful imagery (some not seen before now) and memorable passages from the series. The recipes may be inspired by the series but are still real food that the population of Louisiana eat… with a slightly horrid twist. “True Blood” is popular all over the world and has become a great way to dish out the distinctive cuisine that Louisiana is known for and to have even nonresidents of the state wanting some good ol’ Southern cookin.’

True Blood Drinks & Bites not only features exquisite imagery and entertaining quotes from the series, but the recipes are actually delicious and mouth-watering. Each recipe is cleverly named such as Werewolf Biscuits, Skinwalkers (best potato skins you will ever eat), and Dead Red Cupcakes. The recipes add a certain flare to food that will sizzle your taste buds and entice the senses. Your food will be so good that it will almost seem supernatural! The ingredients for some of the recipes may seem a little bizarre to those unfamiliar with the dishes of Louisiana, but once you try them, then you may not go back to your old dishes.

The best part of the cookbook is the drink recipes; after all, what is a good meal without some Glamourade and Virgin Blood (both non-alcoholic) to wash it down? But if you like a little booze with your meal, then my all-time-favorite is the Sex Is a Bitch cocktail, which has just the right amount of kick with a juicy aftertaste.

All in all, True Blood Drinks & Bites is a perfect cookbook not just for fans and collectors of the series, b for those who love good food! Make sure you pick up a copy of True Blood Drinks & Bites on June 11th from HBO and Chronicle Books. This is one cookbook that is to die and come back for!

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4 out of 5

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Written by Amanda Dyar


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