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pa4s - Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)Starring Katie Featherston, Kathryn Newton, Matt Shively, Brady Allen

Directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost

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Ever since I saw the original film at its very first public screening, I’ve been an unabashed Paranormal Activity fan. So have the majority of the Dread Central staff. We haven’t hid the fact that our love of this franchise runs deep and have even been accused of being shills for Paramount by narrow-minded internet trolls (who hate the series yet religiously watch each installment just for the sake of trashing it). But the continued popularity of Oren Peli’s brainchild exists for a damn good reason: These movies just work.

I’ve been skeptical about each sequel; yet, somehow the makers keep winning me over. I love the atmosphere and sound design. I love obsessively scanning the frame for signs of movement. I love how they’ve built a spooky mythology involving demons and witch covens. And I love how this series has popularized slow-burn horror among mainstream audiences. But there’s no denying its limited formula, and despite constantly throwing in new and clever gags, there’s an inescapable sense that this vehicle will eventually run out of gas. And while Paranormal Activity 4 is still a perfectly enjoyable romp through the never-ending found footage craze, it is perhaps no surprise that it shows the series’ first signs of wear.

After two successive prequels, Paranormal Activity 4 is the first film to shift the action entirely forward. The ending of the second film saw demon-possessed Katie massacre her entire family before disappearing with baby nephew Hunter, and we pick up several years later with unrelated teenager Alex and her all-American family in small town Nevada. Not long after the new neighbors arrive in the house across the street, the family member become targets of supernatural forces that appear to revolve around the new creepy little boy on the block. Wanna take a wild guess who lives across the street?

It’s great to have director Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (who hit a home run with PA3) back behind the camera, and they remain great stalwarts of the series. The pacing is lean, the performances are natural, and there are some classic spine-tingling moments peppered in. Despite this installment being largely teen-centric, the banter between Alex and her boyfriend as they play junior detectives is consistently funny and entertaining throughout. That fact that these characters are so camera-happy is a bit of a stretch (in the same way we’re asked to believe every member of Katie’s family happened to film all this chaos), but it’s easy to kick back and go with the flow.

But while it all works just fine, nothing feels particularly fresh this time around. Once again, we’re in another suburban house with multiple cameras on a new family as things go bump in the night. Our protagonists tape themselves (this time with the aid of laptop cams) and review the footage the next morning. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. There are some fun gags involving an Xbox Kinect and disappearing implements (along with a not-very-subtle nod to The Shining) that do a good job screwing with the audience’s expectations, but nothing comes remotely close to the inventiveness of the first three – particularly the oscillating fan camera from the last film.

The slogan “All the activity has led to this” is a bit misleading since there are no major revelations and even more questions remain when the credits roll. As it stands, Paranormal Activity 4 doesn’t feel like a culmination of anything and exists more as a bridge to the next film. It’s still a fun and well-made spook fest with a suitably freaky finale, and the audience was with it every step of the way. It just would’ve been nice to have more forward momentum after everything we’ve been through.

By now the series has reached Friday the 13th levels in that you know exactly what you’re gonna get, and in that respect it delivers. But the impact has been lessened by sticking this close to formula. When Paranormal Activity 5 hits this time next year (which is practically a given), the producers would be wise to break out of their comfort zone and send this thing out strong, rather than continually drag it out like every other disgraced horror franchise. Part of winning is knowing when to quit.

mobF - Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)mobF - Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)mobF - Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

3 out of 5

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  1. I give this about three and a half knives in spite of its major flaws. The movie felt like a small segment of a bigger story stretched out, and I’m still scratching my head toward the big twist in the middle. How did that even happen? But still a solid horror film, and I had fun with it.

  2. If you thought all the PA movies were dull so far, just wait till you get a load of PA4. This makes the others look like the Expendables 2.

    Talk about a movie devoid of everything. All of the activity has led to this? What exactly? Did I miss something? It led to more things being dropped from the ceiling, more people being dragged around by an invisible force, another neck snapping from behind, more thumps and chandelier shaking, another implausible reason for having cameras everywhere when no one ever checks the footage, and a few more witches at the end standing around? That was the best they could come up with? The only show in town for the Halloween time frame and THIS is considered “scary” in 2012? And the sad thing is, there WAS potential in many scenes for something new and suspenseful, but instead it failed miserably each time. Embarrassing writing and execution.

    PA4 made me miss the good ole days of watching the exciting pool cleaner in PA2 do its thing. This virtually did absolutely nothing to advance the storyline ahead what-so-ever. Notta. Zip. Easily the worst film in the series. I predicted this film would be the jump-the-shark moment in the franchise and I was right. There’s going to be a lot of pissed off people after this one. PA 5 will be the end of these films. Finally.

    Paranormal Activity 4 – 1/5.

  3. Katie didn’t kill the whole family; it kind of bothers me that they leave Katie’s sisters daughter out of this one, as she was on a trip and didn’t die with her parents at the end of 2. Was this version better than the Work Print version that was reviewed a couple months ago?

    Super stoked to see this tomorrow evening! =D

      • I saw the same cut Brad did, and I wasn’t thrilled. Still, haven’t seen the final version yet so I am reserving judgment, though Andrew did highlight a lot of the problems I had with the movie.

          • The work print version I saw I would have given 2 1/2. If they fixed some of the issues I could see it being a 3, maybe a 3 1/2 at absolute best. I’ll post my thoughts here on Saturday.

          • Where ya been buddy? Still waiting on those thoughts. I’m curious if you loved Katie walking around each scene like Michael Myers with big tits and no mask as entertaining as myself…Spine Chilling!

          • I’m actually with you on this one. I wouldn’t say its 1 out of 5 but 2 1/2 is the highest that i’d go. It just didn’t work and there were a lot of missteps and no pay off.

          • There were so many chances at memorable moments and it didn’t deliver on any of them. I thought something really cool would have happened with the XBox, then it was just an outline. I thought something slick would happen with the knife, then it just fell. I thought something creepy would happen with the cell phone ringing in the closet, then the usual backwards fly. And worst of all, they rushed the ending when it should have been a slow suspenseful walking through the house not knowing what is around each corner. But nope, just quick dragging, bad Katie CGI shit, women standing there, The End.

            Let’s face it, audiences are stupid, but eventually they will catch on. These movies are made for extreme profit since they cost virtually nothing to make and this is just plain unacceptable. You can’t waste 90 minutes looking at a some teens face talking to a computer and have it end with no pay off.

    • your work print review scared the shit out of me at 2 out of 5 and this is a 3 out of 5 meh, i want all the activity to end in a balls to walls holly shit did that just happen third act in Paranormal activity 5

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