Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father (Video Game)

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darkstrokes - Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father (Video Game)Developed and Distributed by Alawar Entertainment

Rated F for Forever Alone

Available for PC

Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father Collector’s Edition is kind of like if “Where’s Waldo?” and Sherlock Holmes had a baby. On the one hand, you’re having to thoroughly explore a city searching for missing people and solving the mystery of their disappearances, but a lot of the gameplay revolves around finding hidden objects in pictures that will act as clues and help solve more complex puzzles.

The game begins with a young, engaged couple going on a trip to visit the groom’s father. However, the train that Ethan and Claire are taking to the city is involved in an accident on the way there, and Claire is eventually kidnapped by masked thugs known as the Faceless Ones. It seems the Faceless Ones have been causing chaos within the city for quite some time now, and Ethan’s father wanted to talk to his son about the situation. So, Ethan sets out on a quest to find his fiancée and father and find out what the Faceless Ones want with them.

As described earlier, Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father Collector’s Edition is a hidden object adventure game. That means you’ll spend the majority of your time searching over pictures for hidden objects that may be placed in your inventory and can be used in other puzzles after you’ve completed the hidden object scene. Not only is this the most prevalent part of the game, but it’s also the most fun. With 20 different scenes, searching for objects never feels repetitive during the regular game; although, the scenes seem to repeat too often during the bonus chapters, but this really isn’t a big deal.

In addition to the hidden object scenes, you’ll have to successfully solve many different puzzles throughout the game, and there are 16 different mini-games thrown in for even more entertainment. There is a nice variety in the mini-games, plus if you ever get stumped by any of the game’s puzzles, you can simply click the icon in the bottom right hand corner to receive a hint at any time. The hint meter will then fill up over time and allow you use it again shortly after.
Presentation is also perfect in the game. The menus allow for quick access of your data, and the game loads super fast. Also, the characters are drawn very well, and there is some catchy music in the game too.

Aside from a few plotholes and minor repetitiveness, the game is flawless. And with so much content packed into the game, it would be hard not to recommend Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father Collector’s Edition. In addition to the original game, you also get the bonus chapters that show the origins of the Faceless Ones, concept and character art, and wallpaper for your desktop.

You can purchase the full version of the game on the Alawar website, or you can download the trial version of the game there as well. Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father Collector’s Edition is a great game you won’t want to pass up!

Game Features

  • Single Player
  • 58 Locations
  • 16 Mini-Games
  • 20 Hidden Object Scenes
  • Step-By-Step Walkthrough
  • Concept Art, Character Art and Desktop Wallpapers
  • mobF - Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father (Video Game)mobF - Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father (Video Game)mobF - Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father (Video Game)mobF - Dark Strokes: Sins of the Father (Video Game)
    4 out of 5

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    Written by Amanda Dyar

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