Victorville Massacre, The (2011)


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victorville - Victorville Massacre, The (2011)Starring Kevin Brown, Briana Baker, Chris Bailey

Written and directed by Riley Wood

The Victorville Massacre follows a group of friends who decide to go to another friend’s new house in Victorville to party and relax during Labor Day weekend. At the same time the town sees its very first serial killer. Inevitably their paths cross, and the friends start getting dispatched one by one.

Unfortunately, the story here has more than its share of clichés. Typical characters abound: the jock, the good girl, the slut, the loser… And they are not fleshed out much until their deaths, making it hard to care about them or what they are going through.

Not helping either is the acting, which starts off rather bad and does get a bit better, but not by much. A few of the actors look inexperienced and uninterested in their parts.

On the positive side, however, the effects are decent and the blood looks real, but as the viewer’s concern for the characters is low, their deaths (no matter how good) do not have much impact. This in turn affects the level of scares in the movie, rendering them ineffective. Good blood and some gore are not enough to redeem the non-entertaining proceedings.

This reviewer saw The Victorville Massacre at a screening during the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival, and others in the audience seemed to enjoy it so keep that in mind should it come to a film fest near you. You never know; you could be much more entertained by it than I was.

mobF - Victorville Massacre, The (2011)mobH - Victorville Massacre, The (2011)

1 1/2 out of 5

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