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DEADZONE Review – More Enjoyable Than Many Feature Length Zombie Films



Starring Leroy Kincaide, Atlanta Johnson, Ray Whelan

Directed by Leroy Kincaide

It’s only twelve minutes long, but I found that I was a lot more invested in DeadZone than I was in many of the feature length zombie movies I’ve watched lately. Which is mainly because writer and director Leroy Kincaide decided to make a character piece about how a zombie apocalypse will affect the human players involved, rather than taking the east route and giving us twelve minutes of nonstop zombie killing action.

As with the vast majority of zombie films, no explanation is given as to what caused the outbreak, although we do get a voiced over montage explaining how the world fell into chaos once it took hold. Kincaide stars as Ty, an ex-soldier who teams up with former shop assistant Rachel (played by Atlanta Johnson), as they try to navigate their way through hostile territory to rejoin their group.

And that’s about it in terms of plot, although we do learn that they both have people they care about who are waiting for them to return, giving them even more of an incentive to make it back. And while we do get some action involving both zombies and even some homicidal maniacs (one of whom wielded a bat in the style of Negan from The Walking Dead), DeadZone is very much a character piece as we follow two people who might have lost everything, but are still determined to persevere. And rest assured, we are determined to follow them on their journey.

He may not be as famous as Brad Pitt, but Leroy Kincaide has made a film that puts World War Z to shame. Look for DeadZone when it hits the festival circuit later this year.



It may not last for very long, but DeadZone made for a more enjoyable watch than many feature length zombie films.



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