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Justice Served TEASER POSTER s - Justice Served (Short, 2017)


Justice Served (Short, 2017)

Justice Served TEASER POSTER  198x300 - Justice Served (Short, 2017)Starring Elisa James, Davis Derock, Jason Curtis Miller

Directed by Patrick Rea

Jesus, if getting stuck with jury duty isn’t enough – trust me, this court is one we all could potentially be sitting in, although I don’t believe we’d want to get stuck with a sentence! From director Patrick Rea (Nailbiter) comes Justice Served, his latest short film that will most likely have you all walking the straight and narrow for the rest of your mortal lives…that is, unless you’ve got a little bit of the devil in you.

A man on trial for a crime that may or may not be his fault, and a jury that is all too eager to drop the serious hammer of justice…however, something just doesn’t seem too “lawful” about this particular court of judicial righteousness. This is a barrister of public reform if you will, and for this poor fellow who’s trying to stay out of a very heavy sentence, he’s got to ensure his innocence, or lack thereof.

Rea walks us in shackles in this trip to the dark side of legalistic limbo, and there honestly isn’t much light to illuminate these proceedings, but the overall presentation of this short is simply fantastic. Subtle, dark and amusing fragments of humor are mixed in with the blackness of a damned eternity, and he gives the audience the ultimate courtroom from hell drama-nightmare.

Do yourself a service to your community and check this one out when you get your jury notice in the mail because I’d hate to see the penalty for skipping this one with a bullshit excuse.

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