Goodnight, Gracie (Short, 2017)

GoodnightGracie 200x300 - Goodnight, Gracie (Short, 2017)Starring Courtney Gains, Caige Coulter, Zoe Simpson Dean

Directed by Stellan Kendrick

Hey, no one ever said that the boogeyman HAD to be a monster, did they? In Stellan Kendrick’s shocking sub-4 minute short film Goodnight, Gracie, we see what happens when you pit the hand of God against something unspeakably evil…wonder which entity will prevail?

Starring Ol’ Malachai from the corn himself, Courtney Gains as your everyday blood-soaked psycho, and Caige Coulter as Gracie: a peaceful, sleeping, Jesus-lovin’ tot – and Gracie’s delicate sleep is disturbed by a hellacious scream in the middle of the night, and she turns to the only one that she truly believes will save her…and that’s the man upstairs. For a short film that only ran less than 4 minutes, this thing was packed with tension and a jaw-dropping conclusion to boot. Kendrick wastes no time at all in tossing us into the holy fires, and just when we think our rumps have roasted enough, there’s more combustion to go around! Light on the dialogue, HEAVY on the imagery, this is a quickie that needs to be checked out by all who dare to lay eyes upon it – Hallelujah, ye sinners – your time has come!

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User Rating 4.31 (29 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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