undress me 1 - Undress Me (Short, 2017)

Undress Me (Short, 2017)

undress me 1 - Undress Me (Short, 2017)Starring Lee Marshall, Leigh Alderson, Stephanie Ng Wan

Directed by Amelia Moses

A chance encounter at a college frat party leads to some…eh, shedding of the skin, both socially and literally speaking in Amelia Moses’s short film, Undress Me – make sure to get your mops out, ladies and germs, cause there’s gonna be one hell of a mess on the floor after this one wraps up.

Alice (Marshall) is what appears to be a socially-inept lass at a college of higher learning, and her introduction into the beauty that is a frat-kegger comes with the casual brush with a fella (Alderson) that catches her eye. It’s not long before the two are behind closed doors, doing the bedsheet shuffle, and what comes the next day is a symptom that will more than likely cause a spike in prophylactic sales. Simple and grotesquely inviting, this 12-plus minute quickie will without a doubt have the rabid gorehounds applauding at its usage of unprocessed viscera – great stuff, indeed.

For all of the lovers of things that go “squish” – by all means give this one a look, but please be careful in the future…if that receptive beauty at a party whispers in your ear to “undress me,” do yourself a favor and RUN.

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