White Willow (Short, 2017)

white willow 300x153 - White Willow (Short, 2017)Starring Emily Lamberski

Directed by Ryan Swantek

Simplicity and beauty can sometimes come in short bursts, and in director Ryan Swantek’s insanely gruesome short film, White Willow, the act of “cutting” gets a bathroom-mirror view, and it’s graphic, intently disturbing and pretty damned fun to lay eyes upon all in one bloody shot.

Starring Emily Lamberski in a dialogue-free, two-minute exhibition of just how effective a box cutter can be to a troubled young woman, this quickie is well worth a couple minutes of your time, and especially considering it’s a “low-budget” production, the fx ALONE makes for an extreme and impressive production that begs to be checked out by all who have an inquisitive eye, and even stronger stomach.

Trust me, if you’ve registered even on the low end of the “deranged” scale, then White Willow should more than likely put a smile on your face. Feel free to step into the bathroom and peer over this young lady’s shoulder to survey the damage down below!


  • Film
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