Beginner’s Guide to Snuff, A (2017)

ABeginnersGuideTo Snuff 210x300 - Beginner's Guide to Snuff, A (2017)Starring Joey Kern, Luke Edwards, Bree Williamson

Directed by Mitchell Altieri

Upping the ante when laying down the blueprints for the creative suggestion of a horror film definitely has its upsides – you can go the zombie route, or perhaps a found-footage flick, but it’s the true gamblers who opt for a snuff movie! In Mitchell Altieri’s latest horror/comedy, A Beginner’s Guide To Snuff, the art of celluloid sadism take a sharp left turn, and all that is seen certainly isn’t to be believed.

The Butcher Brothers (Altieri and Phil Flores) are no strangers when it comes to the horror set, and their latest takes the urban-myth of snuff films center stage, as two brothers concoct the almost perfect plan to direct one of these gratuitous undertakings while the cameras roll. When down and out brothers Dresden (Kern) and Dominic (Edwards) get the late word about a horror filmmaking contest that will net the winners a cool quarter million bucks, the duo snap into action and immediately begin brainpanning (well, kind of) an idea to throw down. Their short-circuited neural processors lead them to the thought of directing a snuff film, and completely surprising whichever bombshell actress lands the part of “victim” – big mistake, fellas. The hunt for a female sacrifice comes in the form of Jennifer (Williamson), a gorgeous, lively and extremely eager candidate – that’s it! Search over – this lady’s got the part!

What happens next is the stuff of horror/comedy efficacy: subtle humor, mistaken identities and gore to redecorate the walls with – all adding up to an amusing watch for those looking for some laughs with their torturous appetites. The film has its share of ups and downs, as some of the humor is so dry that you’d be better off to keep a cold beverage nearby, and the gore could have been better utilized. However, the acting is fairly supportive from all three leads, as the trio regularly relies on each other to successfully transport the story to completion…plus it doesn’t hurt that Williamson is simply breathtaking to look at, but I digress! A Beginner’s Guide To Snuff won’t redefine the horror/comedy machine by any measure, but it will fit nicely into the large running cog that powers the sub-genre for a while – keep on truckin, ya deviants.

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User Rating 3.29 (7 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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