For A Few Zombies More (2017)

for a few zombies more 203x300 - For A Few Zombies More (2017)Starring Catherine Kinsey, Michael Shelton, Chuck Hartsell

Directed by Chuck Hartsell and Chance Shirley

Ah hell, with literally every damned theme thrown at us containing the zombie sub-genre, why not factor in a little post-apocalyptic gunslinging, Eastwood western-style? Actually ol’ Clint would probably puke in his boots if he laid eyes upon something of this manner, but that’s neither here nor there – in any event, we’ve got the undead (yet again) running rampant, this time in a horror comedy titled For A Few Zombies More…lord help us all, because I’ve got a sinking feeling like this one might do some serious damage.

From co-directors Chuck Hartsell and Chance Shirley come a tale about a man named Chuck (Hartsell), a mild-mannered video-store clerk who’s simply slogging his way though life, and his polished skill-set of…uh, “videotape hawking” will come in quite handy when the impending zombie apocalypse hits in full-force. Following up on the film’s predecessor, Hide and Creep, this continuation acts as a vehicle in which Chuck plans on riding out this mess by watching old films until the zombies just waste away – solid plan, huh? Yeah, I didn’t think so either – in any event, Chuck’s blueprint develops a wrinkle when he’s paired up with a mysterious gal with no name, and her immediate intention is to locate that special someone who can put an end to all this zombie-nonsense…doctor, soldier, someone to press the “stop” button on my screener controls…anyone out there that can end this madness?

Look, I’m not going to nickle and dime this film til’ the cows come home, but I can say this: it’s a moderately fun watch that uses ample bits of humor and undead trope to convey its story and sentiment. The acting’s a bit scattered, and the story is as goofy as any other horror-comedy to wrangle down the tubes over the past few years, but it’s an admirable go at the whole pseudo-gunslinger setup, and should make any zombie aficionado generally content, that is until the next out-of-this-world flesh-chewing premise gets concocted by an independent filmmaking crew…wait a stinkin’ minute…”out of this world?” Hey, I may be onto something!

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User Rating 3.25 (8 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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