ItLivesinTheAttics - It Lives In The Attic (2017)

It Lives In The Attic (2017)

ItLivesinTheAttic 300x300 - It Lives In The Attic (2017)Starring Steve Hudgins, Michael Coon, Jessica Leonard

Directed by Steve Hudgins

There certainly are unconventional ways to open a film, be it a rousing action scene, intense dialogue, or something so shocking that you’re reeled in right from the get-go, but when the movie you’re screening gives you an uninterrupted 11 minute run of one man tracking cigarette butts in the forest…well, let’s just say that you’re in for something special.

The film is called It Lives In The Attic, and it’s directed by Steve Hudgins, and there is a trio of stories that will unfold, all interwoven, and each starring one character. The aforementioned cancer-stick detective is named Andy (Coon), and it becomes frighteningly obvious that the kooks he’s run across while carousing in the woods aren’t exactly who they appear to be at first glance – this one will tweak your mind a bit so be patient with it. Next up is the tale of a meek scientist (Hudgins himself) who completes his day’s work time and time again, and heads home to take care of a woman in a vegetative state – seems like the good professor has some devious intentions to boot. While the film progresses, we see all three of the characters at hand at a crossroads, and while I’d normally babble on about a film that uses a nicely spliced storyline – this film is severely lacking in far too many departments to be considered as anything more than a one-timer, and even that’s a stretch.

The acting is suspect at best, the scenes look as if someone shot them with a cellphone, and the editing is…well, agonizing. The notion that all three characters had a hand in each other’s activity was a nice touch from Hudgins, but it seemed as if after the plot was put into place, everything just fell apart at the seams. Overall, this film really should have been left up in the attic, far away from any delicate eyes to take in – skip this dog at all costs.

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