Black Friday (eBook)


Written by Craig Sawyer

Published by Amazon Digital Services

Have you ever experienced the horror of working a retail job? The zombie apocalypse couldn’t be much worse!

In this short story written by up-and-coming author Craig Sawyer, we find our hero, Zeke, working the graveyard shift in a retail hell of sorts with no idea what he wants to do with his life besides watch zombie movies, drink lots of caffeine and make fun of customers.  Then on one “Black Friday” he discovers his true calling as a bad-ass killer of the undead on the worst shopping day of the year.

I know most of you will agree with me that in today’s world a lot of people walk around in a zombie state as it is, but in stores like Wally-Mart for instance, the level of horror can be even more so as written in this short story.

I really dug this story for the most part but wished it had been longer as I did enjoy it immensely.  Craig’s sense of humor comes out in this story, and the three main characters — Zeke, Tommy, and Selma — reminded me of a few young people that I know so reading about them made me feel like I knew them on that personal level.   “Black Friday” takes itself seriously only in a good way and has that 80’s horror story feel to it, which made it even more entertaining to me.  Fun all the way through, “Black Friday” is a short story that’s well worth the read.

I’m personally looking forward to Craig Sawyer’s next endeavors, which include a graphic novel adaptation of police sargent turned demonolgist Ralph Sarchie’s exploits, which was a book first and most recently the film Deliver Us from Evil, as well as a board game entitled Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce.

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