Backpage, The (Short, 2016)

TheBackpage 194x300 - Backpage, The (Short, 2016)Starring Brendan Krick, Joe Welkie, Summer Austria

Directed by Brandon Lescure

Some are lucky when it comes to love, while others need all the help they can get, and in Brandon Lescure’s 30-minute short film, The Backpage, one rather unlucky fellow goes the extra mile to combat his loneliness…at a rather deflating cost.

Paul (Krick) is one of those poor souls who couldn’t reel in a member of the opposite sex if he had a magic lamp to grant him three wishes, and while watching his friend (Welkie) score at the bar yet again, he decides that he might need a little assistance to get him back in the game. His bro recommends a masseuse that offers a little bit on the side, and just like that, Risky Business-style, Paul makes the call to a mysterious woman he finds in an online ad, and she lets him know that she’ll be over to his house in a short while – BIG MISTAKE. When the blonde-bombshell (Austria) arrives at his door, it’s clear that she means business, and is ready to “tear him apart.” The notion of finding a little quick-release online becomes even more sketchy than ever before with the inclusion of Lescure’s short film, and if there was ever a red-flag warning to keep someone’s lonely butt away from this kind of “social interaction”, this is it for sure!

Krick is hilarious in his role of the hapless goofball, and Austria simply stuns the eyes once she appears on screen, all adding up to a fun watch that should prove entertaining to those looking to work out the kinks in all the achy spots – but please, go to a licensed therapist…you just never know how these money-for-hire things will work out.

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Written by Matt Boiselle


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