Hazard (Short, 2016)

Hazard 200x300 - Hazard (Short, 2016)Starring Jason Crowe, Derek Capps, Shelby Taylor Mullins

Directed by William Capps

The synopsis for this one is short, simple, and to the point: “A killer is on the loose, a group of small town criminals are trying to execute their latest plot, and plenty of blood is about to be spilled.” Doesn’t get any easier than that, does it? Actually, to label this one easy would be quite the misdirected path of illumination – we’ve got a masked slasher, a bunch of bumbling kidnappers, and one terrified young woman…now will they all have some sort of connection? Let’s just hope that over the course of this sub-10 minute short called Hazard, something will connect!

I found myself watching this one a few times over, and each time was looking for a bit of a conducive seam in which to travel, and maybe it was all those damn energy drinks I’d consumed to stay awake while writing, but this one was fairly interesting in its thinking: kidnappers running into a killer…or a killer targeting kidnappers? Any way you slice it (bad pun), we’ve got a slasher running rampant picking off those who run afoul of the law, and anyone else for that matter. Director William Capps goes for the jugular (rung up another one) with this quickie, and opts for the violence mixed in with a bit of misdirection, and for all intents and purposes, it works to a degree. Nothing spectacular or mind-blowing here, just a man in a mask putting a knife to good use…move along please.

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Written by Matt Boiselle

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