Scratch (Short, 2016)

Scratch 185x300 - Scratch (Short, 2016)Starring Bel Delia, Camron Robertson, Kate Avery

Directed by Emma Bell

The old adage “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” could certainly apply to the first directorial display from Emma Bell (Amy from “The Walking Dead”) – it’s called Scratch, and when you hear the noise, you pretty much know that you’re screwed.

The sub 15-minute film takes place circa-1950’s, and the perfect housewife (Delia) is running a subservient lifestyle to her work-addicted husband (Robertson). Before I go any further, I’d like to make a couple of amendments to my descriptive observation of the two main characters – the wife is “perfect” only through the means of overmedication, and her hubby is also “addicted” to something else: the blonde bombshell that’s splitting time in the sack with him. After one particularly heavy pill-popping day, the wife notices scratching coming from the walls, and suddenly the long blond hair that she’s found in their bed seems like a secondary issue to what’s just materialized in front of her…and NOW someone’s gonna pay.

Bell’s first step into the director’s pool is both an entertaining and eerie affair (no pun intended), and even though this one moves by a bit slow in such a small runtime, the overall feel is a polished one, and has the looks of something that could definitely be stretched out to run a feature-length frame. Totally worth a watch if you hear it within your walls, but fellas please make sure all your loose ends are tied up before making a HUGE mistake – this film is a cautionary tale for sure!

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User Rating 3.18 (11 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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